Fresh ginger makes fresh chai extra fresh!

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Have you guessed yet? At Calmer Sutra Tea we love spice and one of our all time favourites used in all 5 of our fresh premium products is GINGER! That’s right, this fiery root is the backbone of some of our most recognised brews.

So what’s so great about ginger you ask?

This amazing spice is used to treat nausea, aids in digestion and is used as an anti-inflammatory just to name a few of its benefits. Used in tea, ginger assists in relieving symptoms from coughs cold and sore throat. GO GINGER!


Tell me more!!

Originally from India ginger was widely traded in the lucrative spice trade. Ginger is part of the zingibracea family along with Turmeric and Cardamom. A popular ingredient in most Asian cuisines, ginger brings a robust fiery taste which can enhance curries, stir fry’s, masala chai’s and teas.


Hot tip!

When brewing a pot of Calmer Sutra Chai, (Calmer, Vegan or Dandi) grate in a little bit of fresh ginger to give your cup an added kick!


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