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Our passion is creating a great product and following through with great service!



Calmer sutra known for their best chai and we are so grateful to have them for more than 5 years in our cafe in Balmain, the support from calmer sutra is amazing, especially with the training for the new products range (super spiced cacao, pear lime ginger tonic and the tea range)

Since then we start using all the tea products and we are so proud to put tea menu from calmer sutra on the first page of our menu

We are now well known and famous for having the best chai in Balmain

All thanks to calmer sutra and the team and we cant wait for another new product launch” - Lee Zainal

ARCADIA Fitzroy-

“Our customers love Calmer Sutra Chai.  It's a great seller at our café.  Often customers ask us what type of chai we use and when told they instantly order, so it's obviously known for how good it is.  The wet mix tastes so fresh and full of goodness and is so aromatic.” - Sandra Rokebrand

FARM CAFE Collingwood-

“We have found using Calmer Sutra tea to be a lovely, reliable
experience and our customers love the quality taste and range.”


"We love our association with Calmer Sutra. Innovative and interesting products mean that we can offer our customers high quality products that we are proud to deliver to the table" - Kristy

 DENCH BAKERS North Fitzroy-

“Calmer Sutra Chai is definitely the best chai available! It’s a quality product with a deep, rich flavour.

The service provided by the team is always wonderful as well. “ - Rebecca Reid

 WEYLANDTS (The Kitchen) Abbotsford- 

“I would just like to firstly outline how happy we are here with the prompt and friendly service we have received from Calmer Sutra Tea here at Weylandts. We have had nothing but positive feedback about your product, with comments on the subtlety and depth in flavour of your tea. I am also very impressed with the tea menu inserts you have had made for us; this provides the customer with great insight into the flavours they are experiencing with your tea. In conclusion, I would just like to say we will carry to do business with Calmer Sutra tea for the foreseeable future as I have literally nothing bad to say about your service and product.” - Sam Brown