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Frequently asked questions

Is there caffeine in your original chai?
We use a small amount (23%) of black tea as a base for our Calmer chai. However, the
tea we use is naturally lower in tannins and caffeine than your average black tea. The
amount of caffeine in your cup will also depend on how much of the blend you use
and how long you steep for. We now offer a 100% caffeine free version of our chai
which uses dandelion & chickory root as the base instead of black tea.
Check it out here!

What is the shelf life of your chai?
4 months in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer. These are 'best before' dates and are more so a quality guide. Beyond these dates the chai will lose its potency. It will not actually spoil at this time and is safe to consume for many months beyond.

Why do you recommend keeping the chai in the fridge or freezer?
When you store the product at refrigerated or frozen temperatures you are helping to lock in the freshness and flavour of the spices. This helps achieve a better quality product for a
longer time. Also, we use fresh ginger which contains moisture in our chai and super spiced cacao blends. Unrefrigerated for lengthy periods of time will result in the product spoiling. The products in our chai and SSC family will be fine at room temperature for a few days
and will not spoil for at least 2 weeks, so if its left out overnight, or you are posting to a friend - do not fear! Just put it back in the fridge as soon as possible.

Can I reuse the chai once I have made a pot?
We believe fresh is best! Once the chai has been brewed, the tannins in the tea have
been released as has much of the flavour from the spices. Yes you can reuse, but the
result will never be as abundant in flavour!

Where are your products made?
All of our blends are handcrafted (fresh to order) in our Melbourne kitchen by our
dedicated production staff.

How long will it take to receive my online order?
Metropolitan Melbourne - 1-2 business days
Regional Victoria and Interstate - 3-5 business days

Your order will be processed & dispatched 1 business day after it has been submitted.
Please note that occasionally there may be a hold up within Australia post which is out of our control. You can however track your parcel at any time to find out where it is.

Why does the chai taste different when I brew it at home compared to when i order it in a cafe?
Cafes generally use a different brewing method whereby they texture the milk to create a creamy chai latte. For some unknown - probably explained somehow by science - reason this does change the flavour slightly when compared with a stove top brew. If you have access to a coffee machine or steaming device you can achieve a result more similar to a cafe style chai latte.

After being in the post is my chai still fresh?
Yes! We post our chai unrefrigerated as it is shelf stable at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Pop your chai in the fridge/freezer as soon as you receive it as this will extend the shelf life and help lock in the freshness and flavour.

Are your products Gluten Free?
Yes! There is no gluten used in the production of our products.

If you have any other questions regarding our products feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.
03 9553 2836